At the Piano

Welcome to my Composition Web Page! Here you can find information about my compositions, upcoming concerts, and more.

NEWS. October brought the spectacular Earth Journeys, a tale about Earth and Human madness. and the premiere of Tsure, for flute, violin and marimba. November the premiere of Despite It, for Violin, Cello, Clarinet in B-flat and Piano.

Notable recordings after the long Covid-19 season (or lack thereof) are String Quartet No.9 (The Little One), played wonderfully by the Cecilia Quartet,The Dinosour, a cantata for soprano and piano, performed by the amazing Amy Foote, and Six Intertwined, a set of solo multipercussion etudes played by virtuoso Haruka Fujii. More at my YouTube Channel.

PRESS. A review of String Quartet No.7 can be found here. A long interview with Carolyn Howley can be found here, and couple of short radio interviews on KALW Open Air discussing Rehem and Bronze Chasm, including a live performance of its second movement by the Friction Quartet.
MUSIC SCORES. Most of my music is available for free at my IMSLP page. PIPELINE. Working on a new String Quartet, three pieces for Piano and Violin, a set of Songs on war, a new series of pieces for piano solo, and a short piece for Marimba solo.
TEACHING: Do you need a composition or piano teacher? I teach both. Composition can start as early as ten or eleven year old, very young students of mine have won composition competitions. Click here for more info!


at the piano