At the Piano
Davide Verotta Composer

You somehow reached my Web Page!
Here you can find information about my compositions, upcoming concerts, and more.
NEWS: Doug Machiz and Kristin Lloyd play Transparent Shadow. The Serenade Choir sings Liczba PI . John Kendal Bailey conducts Sinfonietta, and Amy foot sings La Notte. The Yves Ensemble playes Ascending. Eleven short pieces for piano (that won second price in the international piano composition competition Opus Dissonus) is in on line played beautifully by Arthur Cimirro. Some pieces for orchestra Divertimento per PIano, Violin and orchestra, Quasi Concertante, and more at my YouTube Channel. INTERVIEWS. A long interview with Carolyn Howley can be found here, and couple of short radio interviews on KALW Open Air discussing Rehem and Bronze Chasm, including a live performance of its second movement by the Friction Quartet.
PIPELINE. I am working on a songs cycle for voice and percussion, a new String Quartet, works for Piano, and Orchestra.


at the piano