At the Piano

Il Ponte (The Bridge) is a composition for piano, multipercussion, and strings, conceived as a full-program concert piece that occupies the traditional concert space of first and second half.

Composing or playing any type of music results in a conflict between the immediacy of reactions to sound and the intellectual discipline that is required to write or perform a piece of music. This conflict is what has interested me in the last year of composing. The result is a set of interlinked pieces for piano, multipercussion, and strings, that explore this “taming of the beast”: chamber music in its capacity to build complex musical structures while communicating deep emotions and feelings in a free and immediate way.



Invitation, piano

The Bridge I, Trio for Percussion and Piano(improvisation)

Perseus, Percussion Duo

Dolente, Violin Duo

The Bridge II, Sextet (improvisation)




Saturday, May 10 2014, 8pm ($10/15)
Trinity Chamber Concerts 2320 Dana Street, Berkeley

Sunday June 22 2014, 12 noon ($10/15)
Community Music Center
544 Capp Street, San Francisco

Antoine van Dongen: Violin
Monika Gruber: Violin
Stan Muncy: Marimba and Percussion
Megan Shieh: Marimba and Percussion
Anne Szabla: Percussion
Davide Verotta: Piano

Made possible in part by a grant from the Zellerbach family foundation



at the piano