At the Piano

Welcome to my Composition Web Page! Here you can find information about my compositions, upcoming concerts, and more.

NEWS. May brought the first performance of String Quartet No.9 (The Little One), played wonderfully by the Cecilia Quartet. Early July the Brass Quintet version of Bright Orange. The Bernall Hill Players and my piece Sulle Aride Pendici, which they commisioned, were awarded an Intermusic SF grant: we'll finally get to hear Sulle Aride Pendici in its quintet glory!

After the long Covid-19 season Two Lives' Stories: Woman/Dinosour, a cantata for soprano and piano, String Quartet No.8, Sonata Breve for Wind Quintet and String Quartet No.6 finally see the light. Played by the Circadian Quartet, the Avenue Winds, and the Friction Quartet, respectively. Notable Recordings from June 2021 are Six Intertwined, a set of solo multipercussion etudes played by virtuoso Haruka Fujii, and the flute and piano version of Sulle Aride Pendici. More at my YouTube Channel.

PRESS. A review of String Quartet No.7 can be found here. A long interview with Carolyn Howley can be found here, and couple of short radio interviews on KALW Open Air discussing Rehem and Bronze Chasm, including a live performance of its second movement by the Friction Quartet.
MUSIC SCORES. Most of my music is available for free at my IMSLP page. PIPELINE. Finished Tsure, a commission for Marimba, Flute and Violin, that will be premiered on October 8, and Earth Journey, a short Opera that will be premiered on October 7th (you can get a ticket here). Working on a quartet and a new series of pieces for piano solo, you can listen to the first series here.
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at the piano