At the Piano


A big concert of my compositions is coming up on May 6th! A great chance to listen to a multi-faceted sample of my music played by some of the finest players in the Bay Area.
Saturday May 6, 7:30 pm, Sunset Music and Arts 1750 29th Ave, San Francisco Buy tickets in advance here

On the Program: Tsure, based on an ancient Noh theater tale (The Haruka Fujii Trio: Haruka Fujii, marimba, Beni Shinohara, violin, Ray Furuta, flute), and Tsure Goes to the Beach, its light-hearted companion (Haruka Fujii, marimba); Summoning in Vain, an invocation (Sharon Wayne, guitar, Martha Rodriguez-Salazar, flute); Deep Blue, Vermillion and Ivy Gold, where a slightly mad faun has a vision, reconsiders, and dances (Monika Gruber, violin, Davide Verotta, piano); Sulle Aridi Pendici, inspired by "La Ginestra," a poem written by Giacomo Leopardi in 1836 (Martha Rodriguez-Salazar, flute, Jennifer Peringer, piano); and String Quartet No.10 (The Cecilia Ensemble: Maki Ishii Sowash, violin, Michael Long, violin, Paul Ehrlich, viola, Victoria Ehrlich, cello). All works are San Francisco premieres composed by Davide Verotta.

And more: Sunday March 26, 4 pm, Old First Church, 1751 Sacramento Street, San Francisco. The Bernal Hill Players in a concert featuring two newly commissioned works by Bay Area composers and one is mine! The program features pieces evoking moods both calm and stormy, with Italian volcanoes, Brazilian rainforests, Japanese seas, English forests, New York rain showers, French spring mornings, and California canyons.

Saturday June 24, 8 pm, Center for New Music, 55 Taylor St, San Francisco, the premiere of my Five Movements for Small Ensemble, and works for trio, quartet, and quintet with female voice by John Beeman (Sprites), Allan Crossman (The Sleepless Beauty), Alden Jenks (Poems by Akiko Yosano), and Steve Mobia, (Fissures).

at the piano